Lior Elazary KK6BWA

...because this life is yours. Some of it was given to you, the rest you make yourself.

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Lior Elazary
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Welcome to my website. Here you will find information on the various project I have for robotics, astronomy, sailing, Holiday display and other misalliances items. You can contact me at:

Random Project/Article

  • Pinocchio
    Robotics / Other Robots


    This is a biped robot that I build after being inspired by the Sony dream robot. I also build a simulator for it that I can check different gait functions (walking functions). Right now it only dose static walking but I am working on dynamic walking. It uses the mini robomind 25 MHZ MC68332 cpu and Hitec servos. I entered 2001 rssc Talent Show and got third place.









    This is the first version of the robot. It never moved because the servo did not have sufficient power, so I had to rebuild it. However, this page shows how the metal was being cut and shaped. I used AutoCAD mechanical desktop with dynamic designer 2000 to design and simulate the biped.

    AutoCAD File


    This version was a sucess


    Leg AutoCAD File

    These files are needed to complete the catalog of parts

    Servo AutoCAD File

    Circular Arm AutoCAD File







    The software communicated between the pc and the board and it allows to test different gait functions to test the robot. The full source is included in this page however, I will try to explain more on the software if I have time.

    RoboMind Program

    PC simulator program