Lior Elazary KK6BWA

...because this life is yours. Some of it was given to you, the rest you make yourself.

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Lior Elazary
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Welcome to my website. Here you will find information on the various project I have for robotics, astronomy, sailing, Holiday display and other misalliances items. You can contact me at:

Random Project/Article

  • Observatory
    Astronomy / Astronomy Articles

    This observatory was built to to house my Mead 12" scope.



    The observatory was completely designed and hand build by me (and by recruiting friends and family whenever they can help). I originally designed this thing to be very simple. However, I had to get approval from the HOA, who wanted the dome to match the existing house. This meant that I needed a real roof with shingles, and painted stucco. This also meant that I needed a permit from the city since its a full structure. I am glad that I did it this way (although it took me almost 3 yeas to finish it). I always wanted to build my own house, and building this observatory satisfied that need. I am also very happy with getting the permit, because the inspector helped me allot in the process (how to layout the trenches for the concrete, wall placements, stairs, and any questions that I had in the process).

    The dome is a 6' fibreglass from technical innovation with the automations motors and computer control. They only problem I have with the dome is that the motors are very noisy. I am going to look for replacement motors.

    Here is a suggestion: but its a bit costly.



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